Story-builder: Picture Cards for Language Activities

Author : Katie Sardinha

Publication date : 2011

Questionnaire URL :


"Story-builder is an adaptable set of picture cards designed to facilitate creative story-telling and elicit natural speech on a wide range of topics. Speakers use 'character cards' and 'action cards' to create visual stories, which can be narrated in the speakers' own words. The deck can be adapted for a wide range of purposes, from field linguistic research to language pedagogy and games."(Typological tools for field linguistics website,

Protocol summary

"The Story-builder deck visually represents basic verbs from across the semantic spectrum, making it particularly useful for studying verb classes and argument structure." (Typological tools for field linguistics website,

There are 22 character cards and 55 action cards. One can also download the 'Story-builder manual' on its website (

Development context

"Story-builder was initiated as a Cognitive Systems 402 research project at the University of British Columbia." (Katie Sardinha,

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