This website is the companion site for a project funded by the French Fédération de typologie et universaux linguistiques for 2014-2018.  The French project description can be found here.

The project has adopted an open definition for questionnaires: any tool aiding linguists in the collection of linguistic data for a comparative or descriptive project.  This includes written questionnaires ("translation-based" or analytical) as well as stimuli (images, games, videos...), but we will also consider descriptive templates (such as Comrie and Smith 1977), field manuals (such as Payne 1997), checklists found in typology books (such as the appendix to Kemmer 1993 on types of verbs) as well as more abstract structuring schemes, such as the notion of Extended Latin Grammar (Auroux 1992). 

Researchers who were members of the TUL project for 2014-2018 are listed below.  We also wish to acknowledge and thank two TULQuest interns--Marie Benzerrak (2017) and Célia Richy (2018)--for their incredible work on the project.

List of project participants (by research group affiliation in 2018)

Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l'Asie orientale (CRLAO)

  • Guillaume Jacques

Dynamique du langage (DDL)

  • Natacha Chevrier
  • Anne-Laure Dotte
  • Colette Grinevald
  • Caroline Imbert
  • Sophie Manus
  • Alice Vittrant
  • Sylvie Voisin
  • Marine Vuillermet
  • Géraldine Walther 

Histoire des théories linguistiques (HTL)


  • Alexandre François 
  • Sylvain Loiseau
  • Claire Moyse


  • Mena Lafkioui
  • Stéphane Robert

Laboratoire de linguistique formelle (LLF)

  • Alexandre Roulois