Sociative Causative

Author : Antoine Guillaume & Françoise Rose (author)

Publication date : 2020

Bibliographical references :

Shibatani, M. & Pardeshi, P. 2002. The causative continuum. In Shibatani, M.(ed.), The Grammar of Causation and Interpersonal Manipulation, 85–126. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 

Guillaume, A., & Rose, F. 2010. Sociative causative markers in South-American languages: A possible areal feature. In F. Floricic (ed.) Essais de typologie et de linguistique générale: Mélanges offerts à Denis Creissels, 383–402. Lyon: Presses de l’École Normale Supérieure.


The goal of this questionnaire is to explain what sociative causation is and check whether there is a dedicated encoding for this function in the language under study.

Protocol summary

The protocol is a list of questions.

Development context

This questionnaire has been created in 2006 when Antoine Guillaume and Françoise Rose were undertaking a first survey of dedicated sociative causative markers. It was sent to individual language experts and mail lists.

It has been updated in 2020 for publication on TulQuest. Changes are:

-contact information of authors

-addition of more recent references

-changes in languages name and orthography for Emerillon/Teko (the name "Emerillon" has been replaced with Teko, and the "l" have been replaced by "ɾ".).

All the updates are shaded in the document.

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