Reflexive possessive

Author : Suzanne Lesage (author)

Publication date : 2022

Questionnaire URL :


This form aims to gather comparable information about reflexive possessives.

A reflexive possessive is a marker (adjective, bound morpheme, pronoun, article, etc.)

- expressing a possessor in the broadest sense of the term

-whose antecedent is necessarily within the same sentence.

Protocol summary

The form consists of sentences to be translated from English into the language of expertise of the informant. It will probably turn out that some specific sentences are not representative of the phenomena under the scrutiny.

Development context

This questionnaire has been created during my PhD  at the LLF, Université Paris Cité (supervisor: Olivier Bonami). My thesis was about reflexive possessives. A part of my PhD thesis is dedicated to an overview of the diversity of reflexive possessives across languages. I used this questonnaire to document about a dosen of langages.

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