Checklist for fieldwork on relative clauses

Author : Guillaume Jacques

Publication date : 2016

Bibliographical references :
Jacques, Guillaume. 2016. "Subjects, objects and relativization in Japhug". Journal of Chinese Linguistics 44(1). 1–28


This checklist, intended for the linguist, can be used as a guideline to analyse relative clauses within a language.

Protocol summary

It is divided in four sections :
- Morpho-syntactic properties of relative clauses.
- Inventory of relative clauses by syntactic function of the relativized element.
- Particular uses of the relative clauses.
- Syntactic pivots.

The first three sections constitute the actual guideline checklist, whereas section 4 gathers two summary tables about relatives in Japhug. 

Development context

This checklist was firstly made up for the article "Subjects, objects and relativization in Japhug", Jacques, Guillaume. 2016. Journal of Chinese Linguistics 44(1). 1–28

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