Adverbial quantification

Author : Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera

Publication date : 1991

Bibliographical references :

  • Moreno Cabrera, Juan Carlos. 1991. «Once Upon a Time: two tentative universals of adverbial quantification and their typological consequences» in Johan van der Auwera (ed.) Adverbialia, EUROTYP Working Papers, Series V, Adverbial Relations, Operators amd Connectives. pp 53-65.
  • Moreno Cabrera, Juan Carlos. 1998. "Adverbial Quantification in the languages of Europe: theory and typology". in Johan van der Auwera (ed.), Adverbial Constructions in the Languages of Europe, Mouton de Gruyter: Berlin & New York. pp.147-185.



''The purpose of the questionnaire is the elicitation of data concerning predicate quantification, called 'multiplicative' in the questionnaire, as in 'He did it twice' and event quantification, called 'iterative' in the questionnaire, as in 'On one occasion he did it twice.' The issues covered by the questionnaire include: the subtypes of predicate and event quantification, their morphological and syntactic expression, their relationships to tense and aspect and the possible syntactic interactions between them.'' (from the Typological tools for field linguistics website)


Protocol summary

The questionnaire is essentially a translation-based questionnaire, with glossed examples to be provided in response to the various sentences eliciting mutliplicative or iterative quantification.  Linguists are asked to provide explanations for various phenomena emerging during the translation exercises.

Development context

The questionnaire was developed for the Eurotyp project.

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