Eliciting data on tense, aspect and mood

Author : Osten Dahl

Publication date : 1985

Bibliographical references :

Dahl, Osten. 1985. Tense and Aspect Systems. Oxford: Blackwell. 


This questionnaire provides 164 English sentences to translate in the studied language in order to elicit its TAM system (tenses, aspects and moods).

Protocol summary

These sentences have to be translated. For each of them, context indications are given with brackets. The questionnaire is divided into two parts:

- the sentences (156 items).
- connected texts (8 sentences).

Development context

"The link labeled Tenses, Moods and Aspects (TMA) Questionnaire connects to Dahl's typological study of tense and aspect systems." (Typological tools for field linguistics website. https://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/tools-at-lingboard/questionnaire/tma_description.php)

The questionnaire was published as an appendix in his book Tense and Aspect Systems (1985):


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