Clitics in European languages

Author : Riet Vos & Ludmila Veselovska

Publication date : 1999

Bibliographical references :

van Rijemsdijk, Henk  (ed.). 1999. Clitics in the Language of Europe (Empirical approaches to language typology. Eurotyp, Bd. 20–5.) New York/Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter 



"The purpose of the questionnaire part of the project had been to gather comparable basic information about a range of clitic phenomena in some European languages" (Vos & Veselovska, 1999: 1)

Protocol summary

"The clitic questionnaire is divided into five parts which contain questions about different topics related to clitics. It starts with questions about some general properties of the language under discussion (section 1), it continues with questions about the categorial status of clitics (section 2), special properties of clitics (section 3), the position a clitic occupies in the clause (section 4), and it ends with questions concerning the possible movement of clitics (section 5)". (Vos & Veselovska, 1999: 1)

This questionnaire is intended for native speakers of a language. There are analytical yes/no questions, as well as a number of open questions and some about the properties of clitics.

Development context

The questionnaire was developed for the Eurotyp project.

''The project was carried out at Tilburg University. The project manager of the pilot study was M.A.C. Huybregts, executor H.M. Vos. The same questionnaires were used in 1993/1994 to get data from a wider range of languages within the ESF program, Theme Group 8 - Clitics and Other Non-lexical Categories, resulting in the following compilation of data made by Ludmila Veselovsk."  (Vos & Veselovska, 1999: 1)

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