A typological questionnaire on imperative constructions

Author : Viktor S. Xrakovskij

Publication date : 2001

Bibliographical references :
Xrakovskij, Viktor S. 2001. Typology of Imperative Constructions. Lincom Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, 09. Munich: Lincom.


Linguists can use this analytical questionnaire to identify key morphological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic features of imperative constructions, resulting in an analysis of how the construction works in a specific language of description.

Protocol summary

The questionnaire consists of 34 questions to ask to native speakers. It is divided into three sections: morphology (18 questions), syntax (6 questions) and semantics and pragmatics (10 questions).

Development context

''This questionnaire contains a tentative list of questions to be answered by any typologically oriented study of imperative sentences in a specific language based on the model proposed in Chapter 1 of Typology of Imperative Constructions, ed. V.S. Xrakovskij, Lincom Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, 09 (2001).'' (from the description on the Typological tools for field linguistics website)

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