Analysing and describing negation

Author : René van den Berg and Peter Kahrel

Publication date : 1989

Bibliographical references :

Van den Berg, René and Kahrel, Peter. 1989. "Negation: A preliminary questionnaire".


This questionnaire aims to help linguists in analysing and describing negation in the studied language.

Protocol summary

This questionnaire gathers 8 points, each of them being detailed and including subsections. It is a checklist-like questionnaire, requiring the linguist to give examples as well as translating them morpheme-by-morpheme.

Development context

"This questionnaire was sent to all the contributors of the volume Typological Studies in Negation, edited by Kahrel and van den Berg (John Benjamins, 1994)." (Van den Berg and Kahrel, 1989: 1)


Review of Typological Studies in Negation – marie.benzerrak


The questionnaire above was the basis for the book Typological Studies in Negation by Peter Kahrel, René van den Berg.
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