Leipzig Questionnaire on Nominalizations and mixed categories

Author : Andrej Malchukov, Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm, Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon, Jaklin Kornfilt, and Bernard Comrie

Publication date : 2008

Bibliographical references :

Malchukov, Andrej, Koptjevskaja Tamm, Maria, Cole, Peter, Hermon, Gabriella, Kornfilt, Jaklin and Comrie, Bernard. 2008. "Leipzig questionnaire on nominalizations and mixed categories". Draft version: July 2008 


"The questionnaire discusses two types of nominalizations: lexical and clausal" (Malchukov & colleagues, 2008: 1)

Protocol summary

"The following questionnaire examines nominalization patterns in individual languages w.r.t. their syntactic, morphological, and semantic properties. Ultimately, the questions relate to possible combinations of verbal (clausal) and nominal properties in nominalizations, but availability of verbal and nominal categories will be first addressed independently (cf. ‘deverbalization’ and ‘substantivization’ in Malchukov 2004). Note that these characteristics should be described for each nominalization pattern (so that e.g. the nominal and verbal gerund will be described separately). Only the introductory sections where basic nominalization markers are introduced (§2-3), ask questions about particular nominalizers; the rest of the questionnaire is concerned with individual nominalization patterns." (Malchukov & colleagues, 2008: 2)

Development context

''A general questionnaire for eliciting data on nominalizations, with a particular focus on action nominalizations of the “clausal type” displaying a mixture of verbal and nominal properties.'' (Typological tools for field linguistics website, https://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/tools-at-lingboard/questionnaire/nominalizations_description.php)

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