Descriptors of noun-phrase-internal structure

Author : Edith A. Moravcsik

Publication date : 1990

Bibliographical references :

Edith A. Moravcsik. 1990. "Descriptors of noun-phrase-internal structure". in Eurotyp Working Papers, theme 7: noun phrase structure. Working Paper n°4.


" The central goal [...] is to offer an outline for a comprehensive description of noun-phrase-internal structure with the main purpose of highlighting crosslinguistic similarities within this structural domain" (Moravcsik, 1990: 1)

Protocol summary

This questionnaire includes a general checklist about the noun-phrase structure (ch 2, 3 and 4) and special checklists about gender, action nominals, and the NP typology (ch 5). 

Development context

''This document provides a set of descriptors to be used in describing the internal structure of the noun phrase across languages. As used by the author, a descriptor is a statement like, "There is no plural marker." The author refers to a coherent set of descriptors as a "checklist", which is roughly equivalent to "questionnaire" for other authors. In addition to developing the proposed general checklist in outline, the author discusses the criteria adopted for the evaluation of typological checklists. Three shorted special checklists for specific aspects of NP internal structure are also included. The author applies the general checklist to Hungarian.'' (from the typological tools for field linguistics website,


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