A guideline for detailed phonologies of languages

Author : Dan Everett

Publication date : 2012

Bibliographical references :

Sakel, Jeanette & Everett, Daniel L. 2012. Linguistic Fieldwork: A Student Guide. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


This is "[a] suggested list of topics to consider when writing a description of the phonology of a language. It is not intended to be exhaustive but, rather, to serve as a framework for writing detailed phonologies." (Typological tools for field linguistics website, https://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/tools-at-lingboard/questionnaire/phonology_description.php)

Protocol summary

"It is not really for beginners [...]. I intend it to serve as a framework, a useful prod, for writing detailed phonologies of languages, something missing from most grammars" (Everett, 2012: 159).

The questionnaire is divided in 7 sections:

- Segmental phonology
- Syllabic structure
- Tone
- Intonation
- Stress
- Morphophonology
- Other prosodies

Development context

This questionnaire is mainly the result of the author's own fieldwork and can be found as the appendix 2 of Linguistic Fieldwork: A Student Guide, (Jeannette Saket & Daniel L. Everett, 2012). 


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