Visual Stimuli


  • "Numerous people have contributed to the initial design and/or subsequent improvements of this questionnaire. These include: Felix Ameka, Michael Dunn, Jiirgen Bohnemeyer, James Essegbey, Raquel Guirardello, Birgit Hellwig, Sotaro Kita, Steve Levinson, Anna Margetts, Asli Ozyurek, Angela Terrill, and Barbara Villanova." (Wilkins​, 1999: 1)



  • "''This manual attempts to make a contribution to the solution of several problems in the area of descriptive linguistic field-work, namely, those problems arising out of the need for accepted standards for the gathering, recording and reporting of linguistic data collected in the field.

    Evidence that these poblems were more than a personal concern was given in New York City at the 1954 Annual Meetings of the Modern Language Association, where the author chaired a conference of Scholars held for the purpose of reviewing the current situation.