Deixis and location

Author : Aone van Engelenhoven

Publication date : 2000

Bibliographical references :

Engelenhoven, Aone van, 2010, ‘Deixis’, in: Patrick Colm Hogan (ed.) Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Langauge Sciences, pp. 247-248, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


This questionnaire aims to elicit how deixis (person deixis, spatial deixis, temporal deixis and ‘psychological’ deixis) and location are encoded within a language.

"With deixis we mean here all cues provided by a language that localise a speech event and its participants (Speaker, Hearer and narrated participant) in space and time. [...] [E]ncoding the location of entities requires that the Speaker has a good orientation and understanding of his/her environment (a so-called ‘dimensional’ system). At this point, languages may diverge significantly from each other, depending on how the spatial arrangement is construed by their speakers." (Engelenhoven, 2000: 1-2)

Protocol summary

It consists of 13 detailed questions about each sort of deixis (person, space, time and psychology) as well as the location identified within the target language.

Development context

It was developed by Aone van Engelenhoven for the 2000 East Nusantara Linguistics Workshop. 
" This questionnaire explores these questions in a manner directed at determining the typology of deixis in the languages of East Nusantara.'' (from the Typological tools for field linguistics website,

For other questionnaires developed for the same workshop, see:

  • Bowden, John. 2000. "Language contact in East Nusantara". for the 2000 East Nusantara Linguistics Workshop, workshop on language contact.
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