Analysing word order

Author : Anna Siewierska

Publication date : 1997

Bibliographical references :

Siewierska, Anna. 1997. Constituent Order in the Languages of Europe. Series: Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, 20-1




This questionnaire, gathering 223 questions, aims to help linguists studying word order in a language.

Protocol summary

"The following questionnaire is to be filled out by a linguist who is either a native speaker of the language in question, or in collaboration with a native speaker. The questionnaire is rather long, but several sets of questions are stated separately for different types of languages. Moreover, many of the questions will be simply inapplicable, since they are dependent on the existence of one phenomena or another in the language under consideration. Therefore please read the questionnaire through before filling it out, so as to have an idea of the range of information that you are actually requested to supply. " (Siewierska, 1992: 1-2)

Development context

This questionnaire is part of the Eurotyp project.

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