Review of Typological Studies in Negation

September, 1995

The questionnaire above was the basis for the book Typological Studies in Negation by Peter Kahrel, René van den Berg.

The book was reviewed by Östen Dahl in the Journal of Linguistics Vol. 31, No. 2 (Sep., 1995), pp. 476-478.

The following citations from the review directly concern the questionnaire :


" [T]he underlying questionnaire can be discerned in the general structure of the papers
and in the choice of problems addressed. However, many authors seem to have deviated from
the common scheme quite considerably. This may of course be motivated (as is done in the
Introduction) by differences between the languages described. On the other hand, it makes it
more difficult for the reader to find information on specific issues, and in some cases becomes
irritating, particularly as concerns lack of coordination of terminology. Thus, it seems that the
questionnaire - like at least seven of the papers - employs the term STANDARD NEGATION, defined by Payne 1985 as the type of negation that can apply to the most minimal and basic sentences."


"The questionnaire, the text of which is (regrettably) not reproduced in the book but which can be discerned behind
the papers like the kind of deep structure linguists used to believe in, appears to have been well
thought out, asking the essential questions about negation systems."