• I created this questionnaire for my master's dissertation at the Université Paris-Diderot and the University of Edinburgh (Erasmus), under the supervision of Prof Agnes Celle. I organised a short field trip in the Scottish Borders in early January to get as much data as possible. It was an invaluable experience and more of these concrete experimental methods should be encouraged in the future.

      Special thanks are due to Dr Anthony Bour (University of Freiburg) for providing basic guidelines in the creation of the questionnaire. 


    • "The suggested questionnaire by no means claims to be exhaustive and can easily be supplemented with both new questions and illustrative material." (Kulikov, 2010: 1) All suggestions, criticisms and comments on this questionnaire will be greatly appreciated.



    • The questionnaire was developed for the Eurotyp project.

      ''The project was carried out at Tilburg University. The project manager of the pilot study was M.A.C. Huybregts, executor H.M. Vos. The same questionnaires were used in 1993/1994 to get data from a wider range of languages within the ESF program, Theme Group 8 - Clitics and Other Non-lexical Categories, resulting in the following compilation of data made by Ludmila Veselovsk."  (Vos & Veselovska, 1999: 1)


    • ''This questionnaire was developed in the early 1990s for the study of concessive conditional clauses (adverbial clauses introduced by 'even if', 'whether...or', or 'wh-ever') in European languages. [...] Some of the results were published in the following paper:




    • Comme il est rappelé dans le texte cité pour définir les objectifs du questionnaire, ce questionnaire a été développé pour réaliser un Atlas linguistique des parlers romans de France. Des enquêtes linguistique avaient été menées en utilisant la traduction des textes parallèles (enquêtes Coquebert de Montbret fondées sur la parabole de l'Enfant prodigue). Un Atlas linguistique de l'espace germanophone était en cours de réalisation dans l'Empire allemand.