• In her 2008 Linguistic Fieldwork: A Practical Guide, Claire Bowern provides some useful checklists in appendices B, C, D, and G:

      - Appendix B: Suggested fieldwork programme for an undescribed language.

      - Appendix C: A basic phonetics/ phonology checklist.

      - Appendix D: A basic morphology/ syntax checklist. (based on the Lingua Questionnaire of Comrie and Smith 1977.)

      - Appendix G: Basic Wordlist. (based on Comrie and Smith 1977).

    • This questionnaire provides the basic questions for the description of Persian. It is intended to assist researchers in writing grammatical sketches of languages related to Persian.

    • From the Typological tools for field linguistics website:

      ''The authors have made available a database containing the results of their use of the questionnaire. There are several versions of the database available and the authors provide suggestions regarding the preferred way to access the data:

    • From the Typological tools for field linguistics website:

      ''A suggested list of topics to consider when writing a description of the phonology of a language. It is not intended to be exhaustive but, rather, to serve as a framework for writing detailed phonologies.''

      From the questionnaire's introduction: