• From the questionnaire's introduction:

      ''These are suggestions for the contents and outline of a grammar essentials with particular application to Papuan (NonAustronesian) languages of PNG.''

    • This questionnaire provides the basic questions for the description of Persian. It is intended to assist researchers in writing grammatical sketches of languages related to Persian.

    • From the questionnaire's introduction:

      "This questionnaire is loosely based on a questionnaire originally designed by Alexis Dimitriadis and Martin Everaert of Utrecht OTS (and adapted from theirs with their permission)."

      The questionnaire was used to develop the African Anaphora Database, which is part of the Afranaph project directed by Ken Safir.

    • From Anaphora Typology Questionnaire, Dimitriadis and Everaert, 2002:

      "Our goal is to collect information on all “strategies” that your language uses to express a a reflexive or reciprocal relationship. We use the term “strategy” (rather than, say, “anaphor” or “reflexive morpheme”), because it is not always possible to identify a specific word or morpheme that can be said to be the reflexive.