Constructed scenes


    • Le DVD Trajectoire vise à éliciter les descriptions des trajectoires parcourues par les figures (des adultes ou des enfants) par rapport à un fond (un lieu, un objet ou une personne), afin :

    • "Information structure is concerned both with ‘mental states’ of speakers and hearers and with linguistic means used to convey these mental states. In other words, the linguist interested in information structure (IS), deals simultaneously with formal and communicative aspects of language. The main contrasts concern ‘new’, ‘accessible’ and ‘given’, as well as ‘topic’, focus,’ and ‘background’". (Skopeteas et al., 2006: 1)


    • "Numerous people have contributed to the initial design and/or subsequent improvements of this questionnaire. These include: Felix Ameka, Michael Dunn, Jiirgen Bohnemeyer, James Essegbey, Raquel Guirardello, Birgit Hellwig, Sotaro Kita, Steve Levinson, Anna Margetts, Asli Ozyurek, Angela Terrill, and Barbara Villanova." (Wilkins​, 1999: 1)