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    • "''This manual attempts to make a contribution to the solution of several problems in the area of descriptive linguistic field-work, namely, those problems arising out of the need for accepted standards for the gathering, recording and reporting of linguistic data collected in the field.

      Evidence that these poblems were more than a personal concern was given in New York City at the 1954 Annual Meetings of the Modern Language Association, where the author chaired a conference of Scholars held for the purpose of reviewing the current situation.


    • This general word list was published in Practical Linguistics (Pittman, 1948: 133-137).  Pittman worked as a "Instructor in missionary linguistics, missionary in Peru" (title page) for SIL, and the book was a manual for carrying out work in missionary linguistics.

      The full scan of the book is available at Archive.org


    • Comme il est rappelé dans le texte cité pour définir les objectifs du questionnaire, ce questionnaire a été développé pour réaliser un Atlas linguistique des parlers romans de France. Des enquêtes linguistique avaient été menées en utilisant la traduction des textes parallèles (enquêtes Coquebert de Montbret fondées sur la parabole de l'Enfant prodigue). Un Atlas linguistique de l'espace germanophone était en cours de réalisation dans l'Empire allemand.


    • The lists were published in the Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages, supported by the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology. The 1880 edition is a second edition; the first appeared in 1877, but consists of only the schedules and a brief introduction.