• "Numerous people have contributed to the initial design and/or subsequent improvements of this questionnaire. These include: Felix Ameka, Michael Dunn, Jiirgen Bohnemeyer, James Essegbey, Raquel Guirardello, Birgit Hellwig, Sotaro Kita, Steve Levinson, Anna Margetts, Asli Ozyurek, Angela Terrill, and Barbara Villanova." (Wilkins​, 1999: 1)

    • The questionnaire was developed for the Eurotyp project.

      ''The project was carried out at Tilburg University. The project manager of the pilot study was M.A.C. Huybregts, executor H.M. Vos. The same questionnaires were used in 1993/1994 to get data from a wider range of languages within the ESF program, Theme Group 8 - Clitics and Other Non-lexical Categories, resulting in the following compilation of data made by Ludmila Veselovsk."  (Vos & Veselovska, 1999: 1)


    • "In the nature of our design, and our discussion, we rely heavily on Talmy's (1985) notion of lexicalization patterns, in particular his cross-linguistic discussion of systems of motion description. We are interested, for instance, in patterns of semantic conflation (that is, what other semantic information besides 'motion' may be encoded in a verb root) and patterns of semantic distribution (that is, what types of information are encoded in the different morphemes that come together to build a description of a motion event)." (Wilkins et al., 1998: 1).

    • ''This questionnaire was developed in the early 1990s for the study of concessive conditional clauses (adverbial clauses introduced by 'even if', 'whether...or', or 'wh-ever') in European languages. [...] Some of the results were published in the following paper: